What are the other kinds of electricity for electrical contractors in Columbia, SC?

Modernization did not just welcome trends and fashions into the textile, entertainment and many other industries but also introduced the power of electricity to the world.Today most of the appliances and devices run with an electric charge. However, good technicians such as electrical contractors in Columbia, SCmust be employed to avail benefits of equipment with security. Did you know how and where the electricity you daily use come from? If no, let us educate you about available sources.

Types of electricity

  • Static electricity: It is a kind of power generated by the buildup of friction through the rubbing of objects. It can be described as friction caused bya connection between positively and negatively charged particles. A combination of the same characteristic particles does not lead to friction and is therefore termed as non-friction.
  • Current electricity: This electricity is created by electrical charge flow across an electric field. The flow is regulated by the conductor in the electric field. A conductor can be good or bad. A good one allows passage of charge while a bad conductor does not allow the flow of electrical charge. A common conductor of current electricity is a copper wire
  • Hydroelectricity: As the word “Hydro” suggests water, it is generated by running water in turbine devices through the functioning of the metal shaft in an electrical generator. The electrical medium creates electricity known as hydroelectric current or hydroelectricity. This is one of the cleanest forms of affordable energy, which can be used by families, factory plants and farms.Pumped storage, Dams are common mediums for stimulation of power.
  • Solar electricity: It is electricity generated by one of the sources that are responsible for photosynthesis, the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is implemented for the conversion of solar energy into solar electricity. Household appliances, lighting, can be run with help of a Photovoltaic system regulated power. PV system comprises modules that are made of cells that contain semi-conducting materials.

Bottom line

Though there are multiple sources of power, only one source must be chosen to enjoy utility servicebased on the budget, convenience, environment and usage. Ahome or business based installation must be performed byqualified professionals like the electrical contractors in Columbia, SC.