Adopt Pets from the Shelter

Some people feel that when they purchase a pet at a pet store, they really get the best pet that they can show off to their friends. This is a purebred pet bought at a pet store, where did they get it from? This is a question that people want to know. The parents of this animal suffered, for example, from a puppy mill to produce this terribly purebred pet that you wanted so badly. The show opened people’s eyes to what was happening behind the scenes of where some of these pet stores acquire their animals.

There are many pets that were bred clean and ended up in shelters because they did not have a home

Parents were not sterilized or neutered, their owners abandoned them because the owners were too old and could no longer have them they moved to care, they had problems with allergies, they broke up, they could no longer afford it, children, and there could be no reason for the fault of these animals. Some may have ended them because of cruelty from previous owners or from blaming the puppies themselves.

There are purebred, mixed breeds of dissimilar animals that you are looking for and perhaps are trying to decide which breed to get  instead, you could get the best of both breeds in one mixed animal. Do you think these pets will love you less because they are not purebred or will care because they are not purebred? Think about the fact that most people are not members of the royal family or from high society of the elect, so why worry about whether your pet is purebred or not.

Pets from the Shelter

Animals from the shelter, whether it be a dog or a cat, no matter what animal is in the shelter, have already been checked for behavioral problems, health problems, they have been given injections, given a clean health score or they would not have been ready for adoption, and either ovaries have been removed and already castrated, or in some cases a voucher for this is issued. The animals from the shelters are well taken care of to be sure that they are ready for adoption, and even then the shelters study the family that adopts them to make sure that the connection with the pet is suitable for both. Therefore, you get more from the shelter than from the pet store, which costs more.


In some cases, animals from the pet store came from puppy breeding factories or from a pedigree mill, where parents never saw any human interaction, were never out of the cage, kept in poor conditions, had inadequate medical care, which led to behavior problems and problems with health that may not appear for several months after. These problems can cost thousands of dollars, if treated at all.