A Basic Yet Very Helpful RuneScape Guide For Beginners

RuneScape is one of the oldest, yet still very popular MMORPGs these days. It has hundreds of thousands of players and there is no reason for you not to try this game soon. It is readily available to play on desktop and mobile. So if you have a growing interest to give RuneScape a try, then you definitely need this guide. This is what will help you prepare for your RuneScape gaming journey.

The Gielinor

Once you have made a character you will automatically be transported to the island of Ashdale. Gudrik will meet you on your first day and help you get around. It is important that you complete the tutorial to thoroughly understand the game’s interface as well as the most important aspects of RuneScape.

Get To Know the Minimap

The game has a very large map and it is easy to get lost. So you need to get yourself acquainted with the minimap. This will show you the surroundings. The “Home” teleport will return you to any lodestone that you have already visited. If you want to find your next adventure, make sure you know where to locate the “World Map.”

Facing Challenges

Once you are more familiar with the map, it is time to face some challenges. The game has a ‘classless progression system.’ That means that there is no storyline for you to follow. And it can be difficult to decide what to do first. If you are at a loss, just click the “Path System” and it will point you to the right direction based on your quest as well as your combat and non-combat skills.

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Opening Quests

The RuneScape quests is what makes it different from the other MMORPGs. You can visit your Quest Journal to know which one you should do first. There are different quests for you to do, but that would depend on your level. This way, you can complete the ones that are specifically designed for beginners.

The RS Gold

Of course, for you to buy some gears and other items that you will need to make your character stronger, you will need the runescape gold. This is the game’s primary currency and there are ways for you to earn it – mining, fishing, woodcutting, etc. But if you do not want to spend time doing this, you can purchase them online as well.

Learning How To Combat

If you want to be better and stronger, then you need to hone your combat skills. Many players spend most of their days levelling up their combat skills. There are different places for you to do this – Combat Academy, Slayer, Pest Control, and the Abandoned Mine – Burthorpe.

Getting yourself ready for RuneScape will not be easy. But like other players, experience will be your best teacher. There is no right from wrong on what to do first in this game. There is no specific storyline to follow so you can go around and find a good place to start.