Looking to buy and ship online

Perhaps you’re a daydreaming poet, a retail business owner, or someone who wants to know more about the companies that ship your goods. Whatever the reason behind your curiosity, this article is for you.

Many companies deal in shipping. You can use them to ship goods you’ve bought online or products you manufacture or service as part of your business, or to send parcels of various sizes and weights to friends or associates abroad.

Shipping companies have different ways of describing their services. The following explains standard terms and phrases you are likely to encounter when shopping for an international shipping service.


Freight Forwarder vs. Courier: Freight forwarders are usually privately owned companies or individuals who help you move goods. A freight forwarder works with a network of local and overseas agents, called freight forwarders, who eventually move the goods from the place they arrived to where they were supposed to be shipped to. The freight forwarder is essentially a wholesaler because they buy goods in one location and then sells them in another location at a higher price.

You will deal directly with the company when you contact a courier. The main goals of couriers are to take care of the entire process of moving goods – from picking them up, pengiriman barang, and clearing them through customs.

Door to Door vs. Terminal to Terminal: When shipping by door-to-door service, a courier will pick up your goods directly from your house/office and deliver them to the address in the country you want them to be shipped or delivered to. The exception is when you want specialized shipping services such as airlifting or container shipping.