I totally understand why the “accent wall” was a thing back in the earlier 2000s: it’s a “pop” of color without taking too much of a risk in a room. I mean, if you end up hating that one random purple wall, you can just quickly paint it back…in a quarter of the time as a four-walled room. But here’s the thing about doing just that: well, it looks like you did JUST THAT. It’s like the coward’s approach to bold paint (and I can say that because I’ve been there, painted that in the past). This type of tip-toeing tends to not look very purposeful and gives off “I didn’t really get around to finishing up the paint job in here” vibes, I’m sorry to say it. HOWEVER, I’ve found myself bookmarking and pinning lots of images lately of rooms with…ACCENT WALLS. That being said, they aren’t your ’00s accent walls. Instead, what I’m seeing done really well is accent walls with a purpose. These babies have a new grasp on life. Read on because I’m going to walk you through what the keys to nailing the accent wall of today are with lots of very pretty examples (so get your Pin finger ready).

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