Imagine a world where you never again have to spend your Saturday mornings scrubbing the grime and mildew off of your bathroom shower tile and grout. Go ahead, dream with me. Well, guess what? THIS WORLD EXISTS and no, I don’t mean just using large, heavy, very expensive stone slabs. You’ve likely been seeing more and more of this plastered bathroom look on your feeds lately, and today, I’m putting an official name to it: tadelakt.


I used to just call this “concrete/plaster” like some kind of design heathen but Grace (our previous social media manager who also went to design school) came correct with the real facts for me and now I’ve been awakened enough to pass along my knowledge to you guys! I’m going to show you a bunch of beautiful examples of its use in bathrooms, but first, let’s talk through what exactly it is and why it’s so much more than just a pretty face wall.

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