Welcome to another edition of #ShowEmYourDIY. The feeling about these seem to be mutual: we love seeing/showing off all of our readers’ amazing work and homes, and you guys seem to be loving reading all about it, so we’re back with a no-brainer topic: backyards! We’re in the FULL swing of summer-y things now (heat wave included here in LA), so sprucing up our outdoor spaces is pretty imminent. I know it can seem daunting to look out into a yard that is crying out for help and not know what to do about it/think it’s going to cost a fortune or need a professional, but if these 10 projects are any indication, it’s very doable, I promise. Get ready to sit back, sip a cold drink and let that charred smell of grilled sausages all up into your nostrils.


For the first transformation, we’re just dipping our toes into “outdoor” but it’s actually a sunroom because that’s kinda outside, right?

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