Hi All! Julie here, ready to dish out exactly how we (Emily Bowser & myself) managed to create/mostly troubleshoot all these cute DIYs for the mountain house kids room we revealed earlier today. First off, I will let you in on a little secret: these projects were my first DIY attempts…ever. I have some sewing experience from when I was in high school about *cough* 15 *cough* years ago but aside from that, I have never tried my hand at upholstering or making window treatments, let alone creating a whimsical tent for two little kids. So when Emily, Emily B. (going to refer to her as Bowser to make things less confusing) and myself were brainstorming the room and decided on the adventure theme, we went on Pinterest for inspiration and came across this similar window treatment idea which we eventually made our own for the space. Emily asked Bowser and myself if we thought that we could make something similar for the room, we paused, looked at each other, and said “we can figure something out.” Basically we rock, paper, scissored to see who would execute the window treatments and since I owned the better sewing machine of the two of us (hers was from IKEA, love you Bowser but we didn’t think that would get the job done) it was up to me and my 15-year-old sewing machine to make window treatments up to par for an Emily Henderson Designed room for Target, no pressure. Immediate internal panic sets in.


All in all, if you do have some sewing experience, a decent sewing machine, the proper needle and lots of patience, I think this window treatment is very doable. Especially since I threw away the first round and figured out a simpler way to construct them. I was pretty happy with how they turned out so much sew (pun intended) I am actually making the same window treatments for my space with a different fabric. Should I just open up my own Etsy shop at this point? I hope you all love them as much as we do!

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