While I am currently a white-wall loving female, there was a time long long ago where my teeny tiny, zero natural light, New York “apartment” donned a cherry red accent wall with a surrounding 5-inch bright white border (paired next to a turquoise and gold Anthropologie wallpaper…). Sure, it was bold. Suuuurre, it was a questionable color choice for the space. BUT it was berry happy…ha, get it? Paint has the power to do that, to make a space fun and happy but at a FAR better price point than say Anthropologie wallpaper that sweet, dumb 23-year-old me thought she should splurge on. The great thing now (as opposed to eight years ago) is that there are so many incredibly cool, chic yet easy examples online that with a quick trip to your nearest paint store could be on your walls in a matter of hours. So if your room needs a refresh or you are yearning for something more than your average white wall, I have a ton of ideas that even the most hesitant DIYer could tackle. Plus, do you want to know what the best part is? Paint can be painted over. So aside from the money lost on paint, you can very easily change your mind. Emily herself will admit to doing this on plenty of different occasions. Let’s get to it so you can go get some paint.


Pardon my what will no doubt be endless referencing to my recent vacation but I was sitting in a cafe called Bristo Levante in Barcelona (that was obnoxious I know and I’m sorry) and I noticed that the calming pale pink wall color stopped about a foot short of the ceiling. Was that the first time I had seen this? No. But I was reminded of how simple yet impactful it was. AND EASY. Here are some visuals of what I am talking about.

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