Throwback Trend Thursday: Accent Walls Might Be “Cool” Again (& Here’s How to Do It Right)

I totally understand why the “accent wall” was a thing back in the earlier 2000s: it’s a “pop” of color without taking too much of a risk in a room. I mean, if you end up hating that one random purple wall, you can just quickly paint it back…in a quarter of the time as a four-walled room. But here’s the thing about doing just that: well, it looks like you did JUST THAT. It’s like the coward’s approach to bold paint (and I can say that because I’ve been there, painted that in the past). This type of tip-toeing tends to not look very purposeful and gives off “I didn’t really get around to finishing up the paint job in here” vibes, I’m sorry to say it. HOWEVER, I’ve found myself bookmarking and pinning lots of images lately of rooms with…ACCENT WALLS. That being said, they aren’t your ’00s accent walls. Instead, what I’m seeing done really well is accent walls with a purpose. These babies have a new grasp on life. Read on because I’m going to walk you through what the keys to nailing the accent wall of today are with lots of very pretty examples (so get your Pin finger ready).

Make Your Home Fall Ready With 7 Simple Tricks (Using All Target)

Well. There has been a plot twist in the Emily Henderson bio-pic: I might be getting into orange and chickens (?). I’m more of a cream, mustard, maroon and gold fall decor fan. But this year, Target challenged my anti-orange ethos with their rather beautiful and welcoming new fall collections. Hope you are excited because it’s good and making me ready. Plus, I’m a mountain gal now with a soft spot for rustic coziness. So today, I am going to show you step by step how you can make your home have that welcoming rustic but modern cozy look we are actually craving this time of year. Grab a hot tea and let’s see how I used and fell hard for what Target is serving up this fall…

Tadelakt is the (Super Durable) Bathroom Trend You Didn’t Know You Loved

Imagine a world where you never again have to spend your Saturday mornings scrubbing the grime and mildew off of your bathroom shower tile and grout. Go ahead, dream with me. Well, guess what? THIS WORLD EXISTS and no, I don’t mean just using large, heavy, very expensive stone slabs. You’ve likely been seeing more and more of this plastered bathroom look on your feeds lately, and today, I’m putting an official name to it: tadelakt.


I used to just call this “concrete/plaster” like some kind of design heathen but Grace (our previous social media manager who also went to design school) came correct with the real facts for me and now I’ve been awakened enough to pass along my knowledge to you guys! I’m going to show you a bunch of beautiful examples of its use in bathrooms, but first, let’s talk through what exactly it is and why it’s so much more than just a pretty face wall.

All Our Favorite 2019 Decor Trends (& What We Think Will and Won’t Last)

Trends, trends, trends. A term we love to hate but also can’t wait to see what crazy idea is up next in the ever elusive zeitgeist. And if we are honest, we love reporting on them because there are few things (design-wise) more fun than discussing with you a beautiful and/or whacky trend on the come up. SO with it being almost nine months into the year, we thought why not see if all (or some?) of the trends we predicted and reported on are still “a thing.” Even I’m curious to take a real look to see what has lasted, what never really hit and what may be around but never got a big trend ranking. So put on your tie-dye T-shirt, shell necklace and Tevas sandals (yep all current big fashion trends) and let’s see where they all stand…


1. 9 Kitchen Trends for 2019 We’re Betting Will Be Huge

A Countdown Of Our Top Pinned Images From the Year…So Far (Did Your Favorite Make the List?)

If last year was the year of the bathroom, this year is the year of the kitchen. And I am not just saying this because the Mountain House kitchen was a real hot commodity this year (put it this way: the kitchen would have been #2 #4, #5 and #6 in this roundup) but because a number of other kitchens are up there in this list, too. This isn’t huge news to us, since you guys have been validating this fact via comments and blog traffic, but it is always fun to see the data match up. And you know what else? Trend posts yield a LOT of re-pins from our site. This actually makes perfect sense to me despite the general aversion to the word “trend.” I understand why those posts do so well because seeing designers do new things and experiment with what’s “in” or (more likely) “what’s coming back” at the moment is exciting to look at, because it is different. We don’t all run out and redesign our homes based on them, but they are visually interesting so to the Pinterest inspiration boards they go.


Seeing what our most pinned images are is of course very important research, but also, a reason to revisit beautiful photos that were inspiring enough to be scroll stoppers is always a yes in our book. So without further ado, let the countdown begin…

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