Wreath USA 4th of July Day and Other Patriotic Door Decorations

Wreath USA 4th of July Day and Other Patriotic Door Decorations …It is just days away to The 4th of July. To celebrate Independence Day July 4th every American, a nice display of red, white and blue wreath can do the job. View these collections of red, white and blue color wreath, ready to be hanged on the front door to celebrate Memorial Day, Labor Day, Flag Day, Presidents Day, even Veterans Day! or even 4th of July holiday!

Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES

Christmas Gift Ideas Using A Single Mold- ‎PILLOW BOXES…It’s hard to believe it, it is that time of the year we all are awaited for. The Christmas holiday season is upon us! The season for making Unique Handmade DIY Christmas Gift & Ideas like Handmade Crafts  and DIY paper crafts projects that need Cute and Incredibly Christmas Gifts Wrapping Ideas or creative box packaging ideas for these gifts. Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas That Are Creative and Easy is one of the  Things You Cannot Stop Doing This Christmas or any Christmas as it is as special as the gift itself.

DIY Christmas Cards Quick And Easy To Make

DIY Christmas Cards Quick And Easy To Make…The holidays are actually the most wonderful time of the entire year. Christmas time is one of the best holidays that everyone waits for.  Thus card since centuries became a tradition for any celebration particularly which usually only happens once a year.  According you can find cards for just about every special occasion, celebrated holiday, and general sentiment out there. Greeting cards convey between people on holiday season and any special occasion and Christmas is no exception.

Easy CHRISTMAS SALT DOUGH ‎ For Christmas Decorations ‎

Easy Christmas Salt Dough For Christmas Decorations … ‎Make Your Own Salt Dough Christmas ‎Ornaments With Your Kids they are a super fun craft for the whole family. …Salt plays an important role in our daily lives. The say that “salt was once worth more than gold” is true, no kitchen in the world can function without .We cannot live without it … our life will be tasteless, salt makes our food tastier and more important it plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. No one can imagine their lives without salt. Moreover beside its importance in food preservation, salt became up as a topic for salt dough crafts.

How to Make a Paper Mache Mask With a Foil Mold

Ah! October always brings back Halloween memories. Halloween is just a few short weeks away. Halloween is all about fun and creativity, scramble to out-do making the best Halloween mask and costumes beside off course the cheeky Jack-O-Lanterns. This year make the fun spirit of Halloween lives on by making a mask to assume a new identity so you can grab a disguise. Doing the mask yourself is at least 90% of the fun, right? So down here you’ll find the instructions of How to Make a Paper Mache Mask With a Foil Mold. What do you need? • Aluminum foil • Acrylic paint dries fast. • Paint brushes and a mug. • Scissor and white tape. • Lots of newspapers. • Flour and bowel of water. Step one the base: • Start by scrunching 8-10 pieces of aluminum foil of 12-inch-long piece. • Put them on your face to make the shape of your face and press the aluminum foil over your face, covering it. Remove the foil once you have a mask-shaped impression of your face. • Mark a line up to the edge of your fore head then trim away the excess foil from the mask portion using scissors. • Mark your nose and cut about 2cm below it. • Mark you eyes and make the holes (you can shape the eyes on this step weather round or a cat shape) stick some tapes on the eyes. • Cut two slits and make a flap for the nose. • Cut slits to make a curve for the forehead and tape it. Step two paper layer: • Whisk water and flour till it is thick paste, Coat the foil mask in a thin layer of the paste. • Cut strips of newspapers. • Dip the paper in the water and apply four to six layers to the top of the mask and two or three layers to the underside of the mask, leaving the foil the base Apply sandwiched between the layers. Let it dry. • Cut strips of towel paper . • Apply two vertical layers of towel paper Leave to dry for four to six hours, or until the paste dries and the toilet paper is dry to the touch. • Add a second coat of the paste and a second horizontal coat of toilet paper. Let dry again. • The good news is that even when covered in tape, foil retains its flexibility, so any features lost in the taping process will still conform to your face when you wear the mask. Step three: • Apply white acrylic on the mask Leave to dry. • Draw the design on the mask. Paint and decorate the mask with acrylic paint, glue and beads or findings and according to the design. We’ve posted some helpful suggestions; multitude of mystifying and mesmerizing Halloween masks which makes it a fun tradition– so you can develop alternate and multiple personalities in mere moments to frighten a friend or two!

DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas-Unique Chocolate Packaging Designs

DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas-Unique Chocolate Packaging Designs…Christmas is such a joyous holiday. It is a time to gather around the tree to celebrate with family and friends for gift exchanging and holiday dinners.

Homemade Polymer clay for Christmas decorations

Homemade Polymer clay for Christmas decorations…Christmas is just around the corner and such a fun time to invest creation. Finding the perfect DIY Christmas decorations may be a hard task and then it maybe the time to try making your own… “Why Buy When You Can DIY”!

RECYCLED Christmas Decorations -DIY WOODEN BOXES

RECYCLED Christmas Decorations -DIY WOODEN BOXES…There are just few weeks left before Christmas Eve …can you believe it? Only when the decorations start coming out, planning for a new theme or going along with your old traditional theme, only here you truly start to feel The cheerful Christmas atmosphere and  get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas crafts to make with WOODEN STICKS ‎

Christmas crafts to make with WOODEN STICKS … Christmas will be here before you know it. I believe having a Christmas tree in a house is made for children to have lots of fun, decorating it and waiting to open their presents. Seeing their faces full of joy and anxiety for the season is every parent’s well.

50 Amazing and Practical Craft Room Design Ideas and Inspirations

If your work is from home or you do have a great hobby or you are solely dedicated to your crafting; then you need to find more space for your working area. Planning to have a separate room just for your craft or stuff or do you consider having one? Then you need a good organized place where your creativity becomes artwork and which will give you best results from your work. Take a look and get inspiration to dream for the future of your room through these photo collections of 50 Amazing and Practical Craft Room Design Ideas and Inspirations to see how other people re/designed their craft room.

Discover beautiful home design and interior design ideas  you need to brighten up your living spaces and to help you make your best house interior design in easy-to-follow way.