Happy Friday everyone! You may remember about two weeks ago, Emily did a call out on Instagram (are you following us yet??) to ask all you talented folks to send through your DIY projects. BOY did you all deliver. We love a brilliant DIY project and have been really trying to experiment a bit more with it lately. And as suspected, we have so many talented readers in our little community that we thought what better way to finish off the week than to show some of you off. There were so many more we wanted to include but didn’t want to make this post too overwhelming. However, if you guys like this post, we can/will share more at some point. Sorry to be a tease. But today we have some amazing and approachable DIYs that heck, you could do THIS weekend if you wanted to. There may be one idea in here that I was already toying around with for my bed nook and am now ready to go full speed ahead after looking at her pics. Can you take a guess??? In the meantime, please enjoy and get inspired…it won’t be hard, I promise.

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