Trends, trends, trends. A term we love to hate but also can’t wait to see what crazy idea is up next in the ever elusive zeitgeist. And if we are honest, we love reporting on them because there are few things (design-wise) more fun than discussing with you a beautiful and/or whacky trend on the come up. SO with it being almost nine months into the year, we thought why not see if all (or some?) of the trends we predicted and reported on are still “a thing.” Even I’m curious to take a real look to see what has lasted, what never really hit and what may be around but never got a big trend ranking. So put on your tie-dye T-shirt, shell necklace and Tevas sandals (yep all current big fashion trends) and let’s see where they all stand…


1. 9 Kitchen Trends for 2019 We’re Betting Will Be Huge

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