If last year was the year of the bathroom, this year is the year of the kitchen. And I am not just saying this because the Mountain House kitchen was a real hot commodity this year (put it this way: the kitchen would have been #2 #4, #5 and #6 in this roundup) but because a number of other kitchens are up there in this list, too. This isn’t huge news to us, since you guys have been validating this fact via comments and blog traffic, but it is always fun to see the data match up. And you know what else? Trend posts yield a LOT of re-pins from our site. This actually makes perfect sense to me despite the general aversion to the word “trend.” I understand why those posts do so well because seeing designers do new things and experiment with what’s “in” or (more likely) “what’s coming back” at the moment is exciting to look at, because it is different. We don’t all run out and redesign our homes based on them, but they are visually interesting so to the Pinterest inspiration boards they go.


Seeing what our most pinned images are is of course very important research, but also, a reason to revisit beautiful photos that were inspiring enough to be scroll stoppers is always a yes in our book. So without further ado, let the countdown begin…

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