Even if you’re not quite sure what toile is, chances are you’ve seen this fabric pattern before. To spare you the centuries-long history of this style, let's keep the details short and sweet. Originating from the French word for “linen cloth,” toile has evolved into a classic printed design. Depicting a scene of some sort—which were often pastoral and monochromatic—the graphics are repeated over and over to create a full, whimsical pattern. Since its inception, the toile pattern has expanded and modernized, depicting more contemporary themes like sailboats, cityscapes, and food, in a variety of gorgeous colors. While design trends come and go, toile has remained timeless throughout history. From rural cottages to urban abodes, this pattern can make its way into virtually any home. Not convinced? Scroll below for 10 toile wallpaper rooms that are full of design inspiration.

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